Anaís Azul

Composition, songwriting, voice, & piano

(Bilingüe – Español e Ingles)

Anaís has a B.M. in Music Composition and Theory with a concentration in piano from Boston University. Anais has been teaching bilingual (Spanish and English) songwriting, group piano and group voice since 2016 at the Hyde Square Task Force in Jamaica Plain. In 2017 she also has taught improvisatory sound composition at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee and has been composing for chamber ensembles and arranging for orchestras, rappers and string quartets in Boston and nationwide.

Anaís’ approach to teaching centers around each student’s goals and intentions for their study. For her composition students, she helps them ask themselves questions that will lead them to create the works that they envision. For her piano students, she will provide a theoretical approach that will allow students to understand anything from pop music, orchestral scores, and jazz. That said, her strong suits are giving feedback on performance practices, mind-body awareness, composition cohesiveness, and helping develop ease of playing.

Anaís seeks to bridge art forms through improvisation, songwriting, and interdisciplinary collaborations, and believes music is a tool for communication, empowerment, and finding common ground amidst war and hate. Check out her professional website for more information.

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