Garry McLinn


Garry McLinn is an active performer in the Boston area, and is thrilled to bring his teaching experience to the Boston area after three years of calling Somerville home.  He sings with various ensembles in the Boston area and performs in a range of styles, from Opera to Bluegrass and everything in between.  His teaching focuses on dynamic actualization of the physical instrument, in other words, working to use your entire body to release the voice inside of you and sing, to communicate not just what’s on the page, but how you as a performer feel about the music. 

Garry has an easygoing demeanor and is great with new students, and advanced students.  He works hard to bring joy to the studio, and is passionate about keeping things fun.  Singing should be fun, after all!  Students will work on breath support and awareness, meditation, some light yoga, and work towards a fine understanding of the mechanics of vocal production, and how the whole body is the instrument, not just your vocal folds!

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