Kass Melo

Voice, Songwriting, Beginner Piano, & Beginner Guitar

Kass Melo (she/her/hers) is a Boston-based performer and music teacher with lots of energy and a big heart. She studied at Berklee College of Music and received her B.A in both Songwriting and Performance.

Kass discovered her joy for teaching in 2015. She has worked with infants, toddlers, children and young adults on finding their creative voice. She has curated Children’s Sing Along activities in a preschool setting and has served as artist mentor and private instructor to budding musicians.

Kass’ teaching philosophy is individualistic and modified based on the needs of her students. She keeps things light and playful so that students feel confident enough to be guided by their own artistic intuition. Curiosity and compassion are at the heart of Kass’ teaching.

In lessons, Kass focuses on building foundational techniques and helpful resources. She is conscious of the mind-body connection in music and institutes this to create a calm space for learning to blossom. For her vocalists especially, Kass believes in building a strong, healthy, mind-body practice.

Kass actively performs across the east coast and is constantly learning from her own experiences, as well as her students.

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