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In a word: AWESOME!

I take voice lessons at WholeTone with Garry and, in a word, he is AWESOME. Warm, talented, and engaging, Garry is a master at creating a safe space where he can really push me to do better in a constructive and supportive way. He meets me right wherever I happen to be mentally and physically on lesson days and, no matter how I walked into the studio, I always leave feeling like good work was done and noticable progress was made. I am ever eager for my next lesson with Garry!

Emma C.
- April 24, 2018

Welcoming, Joyful, and Skilled Teaching!

Von has been a wonderful teacher for me these last few months. I have felt so welcomed as a person and as a singer. I have benefited immensely from his patience, ever-present encouragement, and technical skills as a teacher. I find voice lessons with him to always be a highlight of my week! I wish I could have a voice lesson everyday!

Rachel N.
- November 20, 2017

Top Notch!

Got a couple of lessons as a gift and I’m glad I had Von as my tutor. Even though I’m a complete beginner, he made me feel very comfortable and always approached areas for improvement in a constructive manner. I really enjoyed my lessons and the all the advice he gave me. Top notch!

Felipe M.
- July 9, 2017

Skilled, Supportive, and Engaging!

Whole Tone has been a wonderful experience for me! Alex Brander is a highly competent, supportive and engaging drum teacher. I feel every time that I am getting a unique lesson and he always takes the time to meet me at my level. These lessons have given me the confidence to call myself a drummer!! Highly recommended for someone who wants an instructor who is very skilled and yet approachable.

Emma L.
- September 29, 2016

I will be going back!

I had my first lesson with Nora today and she is just amazing. I cant say enough about her depth and breadth of knowledge and instruction and music. I will be going back.

Wrene R.
- September 4, 2016

Hard work is fun!

Hard work is fun when improvement is evident! Nora is such a great teacher and really offers exemplary instructions through engaging and interactive lessons. I’ve loved listening to how she transforms students from amateurs to professionals with skill, technique and hard work.

Seth B.
- June 21, 2016

Learned so much so quickly!

Nora is an amazing teacher! I wasn’t expecting to learn so much in such a short time. She implemented numerous tactics to improve many different aspects of my voice, breath control, posture, performance ability and musicality. She helped me gain more confidence, and learn how to make tiny differences in my body that lead to vocal improvements. She’s well educated, professional and very creative. I highly HIGHLY recommend her as a voice teacher.

Peri S.
- October 11, 2015

Real Changes!

Amazing voice teacher and instructor. Can make real changes not only in the way you sing but also in how you hear yourself and comprehend music. This will change your voice and your life. So glad I found Nora, she’s amazing.

Ron H.
- March 12, 2015

Warm and Engaging!

Nora is fabulous! Warm and engaging, Nora is an excellent teacher, sensitive to her student’s needs. I am a trained classical pianist, and Nora has adjusted her lessons to include my previous musical training while teaching the basics of voice. I have been working with her for a year, and I hope to continue for another!

Amber Y.
- March 6, 2015

A Joy to Learn From!

I’ve been taking voice lessons for a year with Nora. I’ve gotten so much more out of it than what I expected! The first things Nora taught me were how to relax enough to sing in front of another person – I mean, really let it out and not be afraid to make mistakes; and about how the body as a whole contributes to the voice. I now know what to give attention to when my voice sounds ‘off’ – and most importantly, I’ve learned how to sing loudly and brightly without hurting my throat or feeling tired.

One of my favorite things about Nora as a music teacher, too, is that she will roll with literally anything I want to sing. Want to sing some Ray Lamontagne? Some Red Hot Chili Peppers? Amy Winehouse? Any random local artist who barely has any sheet music available? She is ON IT.

Musically – I can sing higher than I ever have before, and lower than I ever have before, I’m learning how to ‘belt’ louder than ever before. Not only did she help me develop my head and chest voice, but I’m now able to transition between head and chest voice more easily, and that is expanding my repertoire quite a bit. Yay being able to sing more things!

And I have to speak to her attitude – always honest but warm and encouraging. She’s a joy to learn from and I’d recommend her to anyone – from a nervous beginner to a professional musician.

Katie W.
- February 4, 2015

Incredibly Competent, Superb Teaching!

I had always been a bit wary of classical musical training given my unfortunate experience with a conservatory-educated piano teacher in my childhood, but finally decided to pursue the vocal training I had always wanted but never really had time for.

I haven’t regretted it. Nora is not only an incredibly competent vocalist in her own right, but also a superb teacher — she has a warm and personable demeanour while also professional. She works with what her students are most passionate about singing or playing and takes a holistic approach for using one’s instrument — I definitely wasn’t expecting to stretch or learn about the anatomy of the throat at the beginning, but it has factored into my technique improving dramatically. She also encourages visualising whatever sticks best in a student’s mind for finding the right placement and sound.

I’d recommend her to anybody. I imagine she’d be great with kids, too.

Alanna L.
- January 14, 2015